Current Accounts can be opened by Proprietorship / Partnership Firms / Public or Private companies requiring to do multiple or numerous business transactions. The customer can deposit or withdraw the amount as many times required.

Purpose : Current account is usually opened by traders, business community, corporate and Govt. bodies for carrying out their daily business activity 
Eligibility :

The Account can be opened by

  • Individuals
  • Two or More Individuals
  • Sole proprietary firm
  • Partnership Firm
  • Joint Hindu family
  • Private Limited Companies
  • Public Limited Companies
  • Registered/ unregistered Societies/Association/ trust / govt. / semi- govt bodies / Departments

  • Any branch banking facility at all the branches
  • Free ATM Rupay Debit card that can be used to access your account at ATMs and shopping across the nation
  • RTGS / NEFT facility
  • Demand Draft facility
  • Standing instructions
  • Passbook
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