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Honorable Members,

I would like to extend my heartfelt welcome to all who have attended the 22nd annual general meeting of our bank on behalf of my colleagues and the Board of Directors.

Padmabhushan Krantivir, the founder of the Hutatma group, the poor, the laborers, the Gods of the farmers, the public and the dignity of all of them. Nagnath (Anna) Nayakavadi. On the 9th anniversary of this celebration was celebrated on July 15, 2018. Anna’s work is a symbol of clean and transparent administration and every element of the Hutatma group will be bound to the ideals laid down by him.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, 2017-2018, I am proud to present the balance sheet, profit – loss sheet and 22nd annual report for this financial year.

The Bank has made tremendous progress in the last twenty-two years. To achieve this stage of progress, all my co-operative directors, activists, all the officers and employees have been working hard and strong support for all the members, depositors, borrowers, customers and well-wishers, and I have been very supportive of that. That is why I am sure that the progress made by the bank has been achieved. It seems to be mentioned.

Depending on the needs of each person, maintaining social commitment by providing business credit and repaying the loan, our bank maintains a balance of banking business.

The Reserve Bank of India has continued its policy of giving financial autonomy to banks by emphasizing the open economy. The restrictions on interest and debt on debt and loans have been completely eliminated. Banks have given full autonomy to determine interest rates. Therefore, it is necessary that banks need to adjust their business strategy and competition in the banking sector. Martyr Bank will constantly strive to make progress through this competition.

Our bank’s debt plans are designed keeping in mind the various needs of the customers. Interest rates on your loan are also very competitive. I appeal to the members that they should give their first preference to the needs of their own and their needs.

NPA’s of debt NPAs have to be made according to Reserve Bank’s guidelines on account of the incompetence of the account. It has a profitable effect on profits. Therefore, due to the outstanding and NPAs. The control of recovery of the account has become very important. All the members of the sub-section are taking part in the process of reconciliation and strict legal action. Therefore, the member’s sub-contractors want to request the bank to help the bank fully compensate.

With the support of the Board of Directors of all the board members and the transparency and transparency and the trust shown on the Board of Directors, we have been able to make progress so far.

With the support of the interaction and organization of the executives, the servants, as well as the support of the members, the customers, the well-wishers, we have been able to maintain this proud way of progress.

We have been determining the bank’s policy by strictly implementing the guidelines and instructions issued by the Reserve Bank of India from time to time.

I would like to assure the bank’s clients that they are providing accurate and prompt service to the center and they will continue to do so.

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